Have a Strategy for Your Work Email

Email is generally considered to be one of the more effective ways of communication in the business world. An organization that can use email adeptly is one that saves time and money. Today, we’ll be discussing how you can get the most out of your email solution through the use of best practices and other tips.

Stay Organized Whenever Possible
Any business owner receives countless emails on a daily basis, and when they all collect in one place, they can quickly become overwhelming. The issue with this is that, when you have to focus on too many messages at once, it’s more likely you’ll miss important messages, focus on the wrong tasks or even respond to messages thinking they’re different ones, creating some messy confusion. If you can’t determine what’s important in your inbox, how can you even be productive? We recommend placing filters on your inbox so you can determine a message’s importance, sender, topic and more to navigate and sort your inbox in the most efficient way possible.

Allocate Time to Your Inbox
You should always set aside a specific amount of time every day to deal with the emails you receive. If you don’t, chances are that you’ll get sidetracked by a task and possibly miss out on responding to important emails. One thing to keep in mind when considering how quickly you should respond to emails is that messages that are the most important aren’t going to come in your email inbox. The ones that are critical will likely come in other forms, such as someone within your organization giving you a phone call to make the issue known.

Use Alternative Communication Methods
If you find yourself stuck with a perpetually full inbox, perhaps you could benefit from sending or receiving fewer messages. If the message is short or a simple notification, perhaps it would be better to use alternative means of communication, such as an instant message. This is particularly great, as it cuts down on the back and forth required for a quick conversation, as well as takes the urgency out of a situation.

Make a Quick Phone Call
Sometimes a matter is too important to leave to an email. In cases like this, making a phone call is the most prudent. Furthermore, meeting in person can take this advantage one step further, as you eliminate the possibility of intent being misconstrued altogether, making it much easier to be as clear as possible.

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