The Time Has Come for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2

Software solutions don’t last forever. While patches and security updates can stave off the inevitable for quite some time, it’s impossible to maintain a specific solution forever. Support is eventually cut off, and businesses are left exposed if they haven’t taken the time to prepare. In the case of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2, you’re running out of time.

Outdated software is an issue that all businesses have to deal with. The fact that so many organizations don’t routinely update their software solutions is pretty telling. For one, many businesses simply don’t have the resources at their disposal to make sure maintenance is performed on a regular basis. Granted, unless a business has taken substantial steps toward upgrading away from software that has reached its end of support date, they’ll have to suffer the consequences.

What Does “End-of-Life” Mean?
End-of-Life (EOL), also known as end-of-support, is a term that’s used to identify software that is not updated or patched after a specific period of time. Certain Microsoft products can utilize the Extended Security Update, but only for a maximum of three years, meaning it’s more efficient and cost-effective to upgrade away from your old systems before they reach the end-of-support date.

What You Need to Do
How would your business be affected by a potential security breach? Since you won’t be receiving security patches or updates, you’ll need to consider this possibility. Following a major security breach, you’ll be forced to upgrade your systems anyway, so not only will you have those costs, but you’ll have to deal with the fallout of a data breach. It’s never too early to start taking preventative measures and think about the future of your infrastructure, as well as who will be responsible for the management, maintenance and upgrading of your business technology.

Before Windows SQL Server 2008’s end-of-support date arrives, consult this list of upcoming end-of-support dates and take the necessary steps to upgrade your technology. It’s better to do so now than wait until it’s too late.

We Can Help
Worrying about your business’s IT infrastructure is something you simply don’t have time for. A managed service provider like Advisors Tech can help you achieve affordable and accessible technology support, including the updates and patches needed to maintain network security. We can even help monitor your infrastructure for potential end-of-support software that will soon be outdated. To learn more, reach out to us at 844.671.6071.