Useful IT Services that Will Work for Your Business

Managed services provide endless benefits to any business, no matter the size. Having a “fix it when it breaks” attitude is an unrealistic way to run your business in an era that is so heavily technology-dependent. Today, we dive into the many reasons a managed service provider (MSP) can maximize your investment.

What are the Different Types of IT Services?
There are three different approaches you can take for your business’ IT needs. You can hire an IT support service, host your own IT staff, or pay a set fee with an MSP.

IT Support Service

An IT support or tech support service will charge you hourly and is a more reactive measure to IT dilemmas. Think of these as your typical computer repair shop. Typically, you will reach out to an IT consultant once a problem has actually occurred. This means your company suffers from downtime while you wait for the problem to be resolved.

In-House IT

An in-house IT team is relatable to a managed service provider in the sense that it is a more proactive approach. These two work to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. With an in-house IT staff, however, you are still paying hourly, and your hourly staff is more beneficial leveraging the skills to the benefit of your business rather than focusing on IT maintenance. The other downside is that you are limited to the scope and knowledge of your hired staff. Once a task is outside of their training or expertise, they may run into a wall.

Managed IT Services

MSPs are the superior option due to their fixed-fee arrangements and proactivity. They give your company greater freedom to focus on core business matters. There is no need to divert your attention to IT-related tasks with a managed service provider. MSPs have the experience needed to properly see to the needs of your business.

Is My Business Too Small for an MSP?
Part of an MSP’s responsibility is to identify your business’ needs and create a strategy to fulfill them. Managed service providers offer the most cost-effective IT strategy for any business, of any size. MSPs provide 24/7 detection your business otherwise would not be able to detect. This means your MSP will be able to tell you when your server is failing or your hardware is crumbling. MSPs allow you to fix the issue before it ever becomes a problem. They also offer 24/7 monitoring and patch management which can prevent your hardware from crumbling in the first place. Prevention is the most cost-effective strategy your business can utilize.

The traditional approach, known as the break/fix method, which means paying for someone to fix your expensive technology malfunctions and issues as they occur, has been completely left behind with the proactive managed IT services method of ensuring those situations don’t happen in the first place.

That’s Why Businesses Trust Advisors Tech
Whatever industry your business operates in, Advisors Tech offers IT solutions that can fulfill your particular needs. In short, MSPs are the future of IT. To learn how you can outsource your IT and benefit from our services, talk to our professionals at 844.671.6071.