3 Ways Your Business Can Utilize the Cloud

The cloud is a great tool that lets businesses of all industries and sizes revisit the way operations are handled, but it’s not always clear what the best approach is for your specific business. What are some ways that you can utilize the cloud, and why is it so important that you start thinking about these benefits now?

In a post-pandemic world, let’s take a look at how your organization can leverage the cloud.

Data Storage
One common issue for business professionals with multiple devices is having important files spread out across their devices. Even files that are stored on an in-house network cannot be connected to if the network isn’t hooked up to the internet. The answer to this challenge is actually quite simple. Hook it up to the internet with cloud-based data storage!

Cloud-based data storage allows any connected device to access data, provided the appropriate permissions are in place. You can work on any file, anytime, from anywhere. This is especially useful when it comes to travel or working remotely. On-premise servers can take up a lot of physical space, electricity and maintenance, so hosting in the cloud is the ideal solution for any organization that wants to improve data access.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Your business needs to be able to handle any data loss incident in order to preserve your organization’s future. If the data is stored elsewhere on a different device, that’s one thing, but if the data simply ceased existing due to data loss, then you have a real problem on your hands. The gold standard for a while was tape-based backups which would be stored on-site, but these backups were at risk due to natural disasters and user error. Plus, they take up a ton of physical space. It’s safe to say that they are no longer the gold standard.

An automated data backup system that utilizes the cloud is a far superior option, as it can be deployed relatively quickly following any data loss incident. Since the backups are stored with more redundancy than tape, you will never have to worry about them being inaccessible or corrupted. More often than not, you will have a copy of your data that you can rely on in the event of an emergency.

Cloud Hosting
What the cloud does for data can also be applied to just about anything business-related. The possibilities are astounding if you don’t limit yourself to only using the cloud for file storage. For example, you can host applications like your VoIP phone software or your productivity suite for easy access on any connected device. The accessibility might not seem like much, but we assure you that it can be an incredible asset when implemented properly.

If you zoom out on this line of thought, you can also see the opportunity for hosting hardware solutions. For example, let’s say you have a certain piece of legacy software that needs to run on a specific instance of a server operating system, but all your servers run Windows Server 2019. Instead of hosting a server specifically for the legacy software, costing you valuable resources and potentially putting your network at risk, you can instead use a virtual server. This process, known as partitioning through the cloud, allows you to host specific instances of operating systems in a virtual environment.

Leverage the Cloud Today
If your organization needs some assistance with implementing cloud-based technology, we’d love to help. Advisors Tech is all about helping businesses optimize efficiency through the use of innovative technology solutions. To learn more about what we can do for your business, reach out to us at 844.671.6071.