Video Conferencing is Changing How Businesses Meet

Voice chat and communication via telephone may have been the norm for years, but these days, video conferencing has really taken off. With remote and hybrid work still trending worldwide, now is as good a time as ever to reconsider the features of your video conferencing solution. Let’s look at some of the features you should look for when implementing video conferencing.

Screen Sharing
Key to any presentation is going to be screen sharing functionality. This feature lets you share your screen, including any content on it, with whoever happens to be in the meeting. For any business professional who must make a presentation during a meeting, screen sharing is a necessity.

HD Video
It just goes without saying that your video conferencing solution should have high-quality video. This is for your benefit as well as anyone taking part in your meeting. Higher quality video just makes for a more enjoyable experience for all.

Chat Functionality
The chat plays a vital role in any meeting. Not only does it give people the ability to contribute to the conversation who might otherwise not feel comfortable speaking up, but it also allows the audience to feel like they are interactive during the meeting, making it more active and, thus, more engaging. The chat feature can include the ability to send files, media, emojis and more.

Recording Features
There will inevitably come a time when someone important is going to miss a meeting, and that meeting will be critical to keep them informed about something or another. In this case, it helps to have the ability to record your meetings and store them in the cloud for access later. This also helps when you just need a reminder of what was discussed during the meeting.

Performance Reports
Your video conferencing solution should have the ability to gauge interaction and effectiveness, as well as methods to track attendance. You can then use these metrics to adjust how you use your video conferencing tool. For example, if people are not enjoying your slideshow format for a presentation, you can take steps toward making them more enjoyable.

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