Improve the Security of Your Wireless Network

It’s not always easy to build a network that is both robust and secure, but this doesn’t make it any less necessary, not with so many of your critical business functions relying on connectivity. With so many devices accessing your network at any given time, you need to have a concrete understanding of how to keep your network secure while keeping your network running efficiently.

Your Wireless is Not Simply About Wi-Fi Connectivity
Your business’ wireless connection is much different from your home connection, and this extends far beyond just the data it sends. Start thinking about it not as a tool but as a part of your business’ foundation, something that it stands on and relies on. This is a far cry from how some organizations view their wireless networks with many viewing them as a secondary network, sidelining it in favor of the actual company network. This practice can be fatal.

Even if you have yet to experience a true data breach, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t currently threats out there who have set their sights on you. Most employees will have smartphones allowing them to access your company’s data or Wi-Fi during the workday, and most important of all, they expect your network to be secure, as they don’t want to put their personal devices or data at risk. To help you build a network that is secure and reliable, we’ve put together the following actions you can take today to protect your network:

Keep Guests on Their Own Network
If you want to keep your network as secure as possible, start by isolating your guest network into a subnet. Subnets are partitioned off from the rest of your network, allowing you to keep them secure through different settings or access controls. Some companies keep their guest networks open so people can use them as they see fit, and while this is certainly a fine practice, be sure that it’s not operating too close to your employees’ network. You never know who could be using your network for nefarious deeds.

Secure Your Routers
If you want to secure your wireless network, you need to make sure that the hardware powering it is in an appropriate location that is safe and secure from just anyone. Businesses opt for commercial Access Point (AP) technology instead of the over-the-counter router, as they provide better coverage and are often placed out of reach, attached to the ceiling or elsewhere. If your business still opts for the router, however, just make sure that people can’t mess with it while they are walking around your place of business.

Reign In Your Signal
You’ll want to have total coverage for your entire office if you can, but you also need to keep in mind that if your network extends beyond your walls, an unauthorized user could be sitting in the parking lot or across the road, ready to use your wireless network for their own purposes. You can manage your signal’s strength by placing them in locations where you are comfortable with letting your wireless signal reach.

Keep Software Updated
Routers have their own operating systems that are updated periodically by software developers, and as such, they also come with their fair share of vulnerability patches and updates. You’ll want to make sure that the firmware is updated for all your wireless technology so that it is kept safe as can be.

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