Benefits of Hosting Your Applications in the Cloud

You may already be familiar with the concept of hosting your business’ technology on your own in-house network, like a server unit, but some businesses struggle to manage hardware like this effectively. In all honesty, you can get largely the same benefits of an in-house server through a hosted solution. Nowadays, the cloud makes utilizing […]

Watch Out for Malicious Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are nifty little programs that can be implemented into your web browser itself, adding onto its capabilities and utility. Unfortunately, these programs also give cybercriminals a means of secretly launching an attack. The security firm Avast recently identified 28 such third-party extensions that have been installed by about 3 million people on Google […]

Tip of the Week: Set your Default Video App in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a great operating system, but it changes up the formula a bit in regard to default applications for certain types of files. Anyone who has been using a computer for any amount of time has their preferred applications for watching videos or listening to music. We’ll show you how to set your […]

What Does Solid Cybersecurity Look Like?

Cybersecurity is one of those prevalent issues that you should understand well enough to protect your business and yourself. Basically, as your organization holds more sensitive information, you’ll need to be more vigilant about how you approach cybersecurity. Today, we’ll take a look at the design and practices of organizational cybersecurity and how you can […]

Infected Applications Removed from Google Play Store

There are millions of apps to choose from in the Google Play Store and App Store, and sometimes nefarious developers can get their malicious application published. A situation has just happened where Google has removed 22 apps from the Google Play Store that were found to contain automated click-fraud scripts. We’ll take a short look […]

What Cloud Applications Are You Using?

Does your business use any cloud-based applications to go about its daily duties? Chances are that with today’s increasingly online business environment, it’s not out of the question for many organizations to have parts, if not all, of their infrastructure in the cloud. If you’re still considering the cloud as a tool for your business, […]

Public Cloud Line of Business Apps Causing Headaches for IT

“Line of business (LOB)” may be one of the most confusing terms you’ll see in business management. That is largely because no two people have the same definition of it. Line of business would typically make you think of the process that allows an idea to become a tangible product or service that someone would […]

As Augmented Reality Grows, More Applications Appear

“Augmented reality” (AR) is likely one of those terms you’ve heard before, but that’s more or less your experience with it. However, AR has likely been a bigger influence than you may have imagined, especially with the prevalence of smartphones. Let’s examine augmented reality and how it might be used later on.

5 Useful Cloud Apps for Small Businesses

The cloud is a great tool that lets businesses take advantage of goods and services in new ways. How does your organization use the cloud? Developers are trying to leverage the cloud to best assist businesses just like yours with their day-to-day functions, all while improving flexibility and access to important information. Here are five […]