Why You Need to Do a Security and Compliance Audit

Businesses that don’t see after their vulnerabilities are just asking to be breached. That’s the consensus view in the IT industry. It’s disconcerting, then, to consider how many businesses don’t actively assess their IT security, especially considering how much these platforms change from year-to-year. Today, we’ll briefly discuss what a security and compliance audit is, […]

Have You Kept Up with Your Security Audits?

When a business undergoes a security audit, its IT security is evaluated to make sure it has the proper protections in place to protect against the various threats that could strike. Now, more than ever, it is important for any organization to be confident in their preparedness. Let’s discuss the importance of assessing your own […]

What’s the Point of an IT Assessment

In business today, information technology is being utilized in a manner that can make it seem like business isn’t possible without it. In some cases, it isn’t, but then there is technology being deployed that is inefficiently deployed, used haphazardly and could be looked on as more of a liability than anything else. Frequently getting […]