What You Need to Understand About Compliance

To meet compliance requirements for technology an organization will need to understand the regulations they operate under. New entrepreneurs may find it startling when they realize that they have a lot more people/organizations to answer to than they thought. This week, we aren’t going to go through individual regulations, but how IT generally fits into […]

Staff Collaboration Can Significantly Help Your Business

No business can be successful without collaboration. As such, businesses invest heavily in tools which facilitate effective collaboration for their employees. Let’s look at some of the variables that can contribute to an effective collaboration strategy, as well as how you can promote collaboration in the workplace.

3 Strategies to Help Stretch Your Technology Budget

When you run a business, you have so many variables to balance and so little time to do so that technology inevitably becomes an essential cog in your ability to manage everything. Unfortunately, technology isn’t cheap, and the technology you think you need may not be a viable purchase this year. Today, we thought it […]

The CRM is the Consummate Business Management Tool

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an especially useful solution for any business to utilize, if they do so with a strategy in mind. Let’s go over why this strategy is so important, and how it should be shaped. Let’s begin by defining what a CRM strategy really is, which will help to illustrate why […]

Productivity Slowing Due to Employee Social Media Use?

Businesses have always attempted to optimize productivity for their employees in a variety of ways, but there are certain distractions that will always persist, especially in today’s incredibly connected world. One of these distractions is social media, and it creates the illusion of productivity when it’s not helping much.

Crafting Successful Remote Work Policies

Considering the circumstances of the past couple years, it’s no surprise that many businesses have turned their attention toward creating a long-term plan for a remote workforce. There are many considerations that must be brought front and center to create such a remote work policy, many of which require a focused examination of technology and […]

IT Pros Are Torn Between Security and Business Continuity

When it comes to your business, what do you prioritize? Do you focus more on security, or do you focus more on the business continuity side of things? The reality here is that both are of critical importance. Unfortunately, however, it seems that many executives feel like the current circumstances surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic […]