We Need to Talk About How Modern AI Tools Can Influence Work

In recent months, publicly-accessible AI tools have ignited interest in using artificial intelligence amongst businesses, and for good reason. While these tools are very, very limited in what they can do—which we will discuss here for sure—they still show enormous potential. However, this potential introduces a few major questions to the conversation. Let’s examine some […]

Can Technology Help You Overcome Your Direct Pain Points?

We write in a lot of general terms about technology, whether it’s how to secure your infrastructure, procure hardware, or implement software solutions for your network, and that is for one very specific reason: each business is different and has different needs. We thought today that we would take you through some of the questions […]

Are You Fruitlessly Throwing Money at Your IT?

Technology is not cheap, especially not business technology that has features that the average user might not find much value in. To help you keep your business from investing in the wrong solutions or spending unnecessary capital on solutions you won’t find useful, we’ve put together some of the common places where businesses like yours […]

The Massive Difference Between a Business that Values Technology and One that Doesn’t

It was only a few decades ago that purchasing a couple of computers for a business was almost the same investment as purchasing a decent company van. In 1986, a business could spend $3500 on a single Compaq Portable II, which was a 24 lb monstrosity with a tiny 9-inch screen. Alternatively, a Chevy Astro […]

Improve Your Communication with These 4 Tips

To sustain any type of relationship, there needs to be some open and clear communication. The worse communication is between two parties the more inefficiency there will be. Obviously, inefficiency can lead to disaster for any organization that depends on consistency so this month we thought we’d give you four ways to improve communication throughout […]

Automation Makes for Easier Work

Everyone’s job has some degree of minutiae involved. Not everything can be exciting: I mean even a stuntman sits around for most of the day before his or her death-defying scene happens. This week, we thought we’d go through the importance of these seemingly rote tasks and how instituting technology that allows you to automate […]