Zero-Trust Policies Can Keep Your Business Secure

The modern cyberthreat landscape is nothing to be trifled with, so it makes sense that as threats grow more powerful, so too do the solutions used to address them. Nowadays, there is a practice that is designed to address just how serious the threat of cybersecurity is: zero-trust IT. Let’s discuss these policies and how […]

U.S. Lawmakers Need to Consider Overarching Data Privacy Law

For much of the past decade, data privacy has been a big issue. Ever since information was unveiled on how major tech companies (and other companies) use the information gleaned from their users, there has been a cross-section of people who have started to fight back against it. Unfortunately for Americans, this hasn’t resulted in […]

Why You Need to Do a Security and Compliance Audit

Businesses that don’t see after their vulnerabilities are just asking to be breached. That’s the consensus view in the IT industry. It’s disconcerting, then, to consider how many businesses don’t actively assess their IT security, especially considering how much these platforms change from year-to-year. Today, we’ll briefly discuss what a security and compliance audit is, […]

A Long Look at Compliance Concerns

Regulations are put in place because the data you keep is sensitive. Within certain environments, it is extremely important to know how to navigate so as not to mistakenly expose information that has no business being shared. This month, we thought it would be a good time to talk about how to navigate these highly-regulated […]

Have You Kept Up with Your Security Audits?

When a business undergoes a security audit, its IT security is evaluated to make sure it has the proper protections in place to protect against the various threats that could strike. Now, more than ever, it is important for any organization to be confident in their preparedness. Let’s discuss the importance of assessing your own […]

PCI Compliance 101

Does your business accept credit cards? Regardless of what industry you are in, your customers are now using payment cards for a large portion of their retail transactions both online and in-store. To protect consumers, there has been a compliance standard enacted by credit card companies. Today, we will look at this standard.

The Truth About Compliance and Cybersecurity

To the average person, there are some definite blurred lines between IT security and IT compliance. In fact, these lines are so blurry to most people that they would consider them the same thing, even though they aren’t. How is it possible to create a fully compliant, completely secure computing environment? You start by understanding […]