Is Remote Work Any More Environmentally Friendly Than In-Office?

It isn’t uncommon to hear about how much working from home has environmental benefits—and on its face, this claim makes a lot of sense. We did have to wonder, however, how much greener remote work really is—if at all. Let’s go into why the question of whether remote work is the environmentally friendly option isn’t […]

Productivity Optimization Part One – Getting Started

Productivity will always be the primary goal for businesses, right alongside profits, although one thing does in fact lead to another in this case. To ensure your company runs efficiently, you need to understand just how productivity works and its relationship with what you put into your business. We’ll be using the next couple of […]

Look to These Technologies to Help Keep Your Workforce Focused

Business can get stressful. Not only for the people tasked with managing an organization, but for the workforce as a whole. Fortunately, businesses are identifying that technology can go a long way toward making all this work less stressful. Let’s go through some of the innovative technology that is being used to keep employees engaged.

Improve Your Customer Relationships with Software

Customer relationships are at the heart of any business that sells a service or goods, making a technology solution like a CRM a powerful way to jumpstart operations. Let’s review what some of the benefits of using a CRM are and how your organization might use one to the best of its ability. Let’s break […]

Automation Can Remove Your Business’ Training Wheels

Automation as a concept is on the rise, and so too is its practice. Even before COVID-19 created considerable problems for several businesses, it was in use, and there is no reason for it to fall out of fashion now. There are plenty of ways your organization can implement automation to improve operations moving forward.

Learn to Get Through Distractions to Be More Productive

Productivity can be a challenging thing to measure and maintain, especially in a world full of distractions. Sometimes the distractions come from the nature of the work itself and understanding this can become the key to overcoming them. Here are five tips you can use to overcome any workplace distractions and become more productive in […]

Technology that Can Have You Cooking Up Collaboration

Of any operational strategy, collaboration is both the simplest to set up and the most difficult to master. The organizations that do, stand to benefit greatly from the massive amount of efficiency that is created and the productivity that results from it. The organizations that struggle with it, won’t be as efficient, and that typically […]