The VPN Is a Solid Tool for Data Security

Nowadays, data security, especially on files that are attractive to hackers, has to be a priority. Many businesses have deployed a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to help them improve their data security. If you haven’t, understanding the myriad of benefits that businesses get from deploying a VPN will put in perspective just how useful the […]

Some Places Encryption Should Be Used Frequently

Protecting your organization’s data is a major focus of businesses these days, especially as threats grow more powerful and they better learn to penetrate the countless safeguards put into place. Let’s go over how encryption can help you cover all your bases, especially if hackers do manage to get through your security precautions.

Why Encryption is Crucial for Your Company’s Success

While reading our blog and newsletters, you might come across the word “encrypted” a lot. Sometimes it’s in the form of ransomware encrypting data, while other times, it might be regarding the encryption of passwords within a password manager. Regardless, one thing is certain: Encryption is an important part of the modern workplace. What is […]

REvil Vanishes, Along With Some Companies’ Hopes to Decrypt Their Data

The Kaseya ransomware attack targeting VSA servers for approximately 1,500 organizations was another notable attack in a recent string of high-profile ransomware attacks, and while most organizations did what most security professionals recommend and did not pay the ransom, others did not listen. Now, those who did pay the ransom are having trouble decrypting their […]

Passwords Aren’t Enough to Secure Most Accounts

Securing your digital platforms has to be a major point of emphasis for every business. For years, having a password was enough to keep unauthorized entities out of secured accounts. Those days are effectively over. With threats multiplying and getting more and more dangerous, companies have to do more to secure their IT. This month, […]

You Should Ask These 4 Questions to Maximize Security

Today’s business has to prioritize its data security. There are endless examples of businesses that haven’t done enough. To help you build a strategy, we’ve put together four questions that need to be asked to give you a chance to outwit and overcome the endless threats your company could run into online.

More Industries are Seeing Accountability and Security with Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the most dynamic new technologies, but up until recently, there hasn’t been a lot accomplished in the way of creating viable distributed software titles. In fact, the most recognized technology created with blockchain is cryptocurrency. This says quite a bit. Today, we’ll look at blockchain-enhanced software and how it’s only a […]

Smart Contracts Will Dominate the Mobile Age

Contracts are a huge part of doing business. The practice is as old as the legal profession. You’ll be hard pressed to complete a transaction where money changes hands where there isn’t a document outlining the specifics of the liability each party takes on by entering that financial agreement. We call them receipts, but in […]

Your Business Could Benefit from Blockchain

Blockchain is typically associated with Bitcoin. This shouldn’t come as a shocker, because primarily that is what it’s used for. However, blockchain isn’t a program or a product, it’s a technology. Blockchain technology has endless possibilities when it comes to real world implementation. In the near future, it’ll likely be utilized in many business transactions […]