The FBI is Extremely Concerned About Ransomware

Ransomware is an incredibly disruptive threat that can put your business at risk, but it is increasingly becoming not just a fiscal risk to organizations, but also to the physical health and wellbeing of communities and individuals. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning that should have everyone concerned about the future of […]

U.S. Lawmakers Need to Consider Overarching Data Privacy Law

For much of the past decade, data privacy has been a big issue. Ever since information was unveiled on how major tech companies (and other companies) use the information gleaned from their users, there has been a cross-section of people who have started to fight back against it. Unfortunately for Americans, this hasn’t resulted in […]

U.S. Government Making an Effort to Stop Exploits

Earlier this year, there was a string of high-profile ransomware attacks leveraged against major companies. Now, the United States has issued an order that dictates guidelines for how to patch various vulnerabilities in affected systems within federal agencies and organizations. It’s a huge move in an effort to stop hackers and other cyberthreats from becoming […]

Net Neutrality and the Digital Future

In the United States, the political atmosphere in 2020 was extremely testy, and one element we typically keep our eyes on is the net neutrality rules that seem to change every few years or so. Today, we thought we’d revisit the issue and tell you what to expect over the first few months of the […]

Social Media is Being Scrutinized

It’s probably fair to label social media as one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. Nearly half of the world’s population are active users of social media, and that number would almost certainly be higher if more people had access to unencumbered broadband. Over the past few weeks, however, one of the most […]

What Does Internet Rights Advocacy Mean?

The internet is a vast and amazing place. Some have even argued that it’s one of people’s best-ever inventions. Some would push it further by actively attempting to outline what rights an internet user has. Advocacy groups have been popping up, and while it’s had a marked effect on public policy in more progressive nations, […]

Are American Voting Systems Secure?

Election Day for the United States is Nov. 6, and regardless of your feelings regarding U.S. politics, millions of Americans will soon go to the polls and cast their ballots. Unfortunately, what many of them don’t realize is how insecure their voting machines actually are, and how they’re potentially putting their vote at risk.