Browser Privacy Settings that You Should Know

You’d be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t rely on the internet in some way, and everyone uses web browsers as a method of interfacing with the internet. These browsers, however, are not necessarily the most secure applications by default. With some adjustments to the features, you too can optimize security and privacy when […]

A Good Wi-Fi Setup Can Really Enhance Your Business

Just about all modern businesses rely on the internet for at least part of their day-to-day operations. This means that there is a direct correlation between the strength and speed of their connection and the amount of productivity they can experience as a result of this connection. As your business grows, it is incredibly important […]

What the Recent Internet Outage Tells Us About Its Potential Vulnerability

Over the week of June 14, a lot of applications and websites experienced outages, creating problems for many companies until it was resolved. Not only did these outages create business continuity issues, they’ve also exposed just how vulnerable the internet is to these kinds of issues. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Look How Much the Internet has Changed

When the internet was established, it was a marvel. Now, people could move information across the world in a matter of seconds. This is why the term “World Wide Web” was coined. Nowadays, there are billions of users on the internet, and the rules have had to be changed. This has some online services in […]

Net Neutrality and the Digital Future

In the United States, the political atmosphere in 2020 was extremely testy, and one element we typically keep our eyes on is the net neutrality rules that seem to change every few years or so. Today, we thought we’d revisit the issue and tell you what to expect over the first few months of the […]

How to Provide Fast, Secure Wi-Fi in Your Health Care Organization

Patients and hospital visitors have come to expect Wi-Fi internet access. It’s no longer seen as an extra convenience, but a requirement for the comfort and confidence of your patients. That said, it’s your responsibility to provide reliable Wi-Fi access that is reasonably fast, secure and easy to sign in to.

CAPTCHA and Its Many Challenges

We’re all familiar to some degree with the security measure known as CAPTCHA. You usually see it when filling out forms or logging into sites online, where you have to prove you’re a human being by identifying which of a variety of images fit a certain description. You may have noticed that these tests have […]

Tip of the Week: Wi-Fi Tips for Your Home or Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of people spending a lot of time at home. As a result, many people are getting more out of their internet service. With school starting back up and people still working from home, the internet needs to be available for everyone in the house. One of the best ways […]