Securing Every Endpoint is Important to Maintaining Security

Sometimes it can be easy to take cybersecurity for granted, especially when you consider that built-in security features are more powerful than they have ever been. Unfortunately, if you think that cybersecurity is something that ends with the built-in security of your desktops and laptops, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

Securing Your Endpoints Can Help Thwart Cybersecurity Troubles

How many devices or points of access do you have for your business’ data infrastructure? Chances are it’s more than you think, at least at first glance. If you count up all the mobile devices, server units, workstations, laptops, and so on that have access to your network, you might suddenly realize how important it […]

Avoiding Network Bottlenecks Can Help Your Business

As time passes and your business accomplishes great things, you might find yourself in positions where your network cannot handle its normal everyday workload. When there is so much network traffic and data transference, it can be difficult to identify where and why this slowdown occurs. What is a network bottleneck, and how can you […]

4 IT Errors Every Small Business Needs to Avoid

Technology is often a source of struggle for small businesses, usually for one of two reasons. Either the strong IT leadership needed isn’t there, or there aren’t enough resources to support the level of IT management and maintenance that businesses need. Of course, there are other mistakes that can easily be made when it comes […]

What the Recent Internet Outage Tells Us About Its Potential Vulnerability

Over the week of June 14, a lot of applications and websites experienced outages, creating problems for many companies until it was resolved. Not only did these outages create business continuity issues, they’ve also exposed just how vulnerable the internet is to these kinds of issues. Let’s take a look at what happened.

What Exactly Is a VPN?

One of the major shifts we’ve seen in business in 2020 is the establishment of the remote workforce. Stay-at-home orders, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, made it necessary for businesses to find solutions on how to securely transfer information from what could be unprotected networks. The virtual private network (VPN) is a solution to […]

How to Provide Fast, Secure Wi-Fi in Your Health Care Organization

Patients and hospital visitors have come to expect Wi-Fi internet access. It’s no longer seen as an extra convenience, but a requirement for the comfort and confidence of your patients. That said, it’s your responsibility to provide reliable Wi-Fi access that is reasonably fast, secure and easy to sign in to.

Should You Use Wired or Wireless Connections?

It hasn’t been too long since connectivity required a physical connection between the connecting endpoints, making a wired connection the chosen option for businesses. However, now that wireless connectivity is so widely available, businesses now have a choice. Which is the better option? Let’s compare some of the pros of each to make the answer a […]

Improve Your Business With These Documentation Practices

With the amount of technology the modern business relies on today, each business needs to maintain comprehensive documentation outlining it. As a managed service provider, we can provide an expert perspective on what needs to be included in this documentation. Let’s get into it.