Getting the Right Phishing Awareness Strategy Can Save Your Business From Major Headaches

As time goes on, businesses are doing more and more to protect their digital assets from theft and corruption. Whether that is deploying tools, providing training, or getting the support you need to successfully secure your business from the myriad of threats coming your way, you need to be deliberate about the way you go […]

Beware of Phishing Scams Left in Voicemails

Phishing attacks are one of the most common security threats to your business, not only because they are effective, but because they can be utilized in many different ways. You can become the victim of a phishing attack through email, instant message, phone, or even your voicemail. These “phoicemail” attacks are quite crafty in their […]

Cybersecurity Month is Over, Time to Get Sloppy!

Are you tired of hearing about the importance of secure passwords, two-factor authentication, and security updates? We get it. All of these techno-nerds (ourselves included) have spent all of October and even the weeks leading up to it talking about the importance of cybersecurity, preaching the importance of things that, let’s face it, just get […]

We Think You Should Know What Social Engineering Is

Social engineering is a dangerous threat that could derail even the most prepared business. Even if you implement the best security solutions on the market, they mean nothing if a cybercriminal tricks you into acting impulsively. Let’s go over specific methods of social engineering that hackers might use to trick you.

Social Networking Sites Aren’t Immune to Cybersecurity Threats

One of the more overlooked parts of cybersecurity attacks involves social media and social engineering tactics targeting it. If you’re not careful, you could be putting yourself at risk of attacks through social media. How can you ensure that your staff members are keeping security at top of mind even when using social media? Let’s […]

How to Know You’re Being Targeted by a Phishing Attack

Phishing attacks are serious business, so it is important that your team members know what they are and how to spot them. To facilitate this, let’s review the signs of a phishing attack—or ideally, a phishing attempt (because by spotting it, you’re more able to stop it). First, let’s quickly touch on what constitutes a […]

Social Media Conditions People to Let Their Guard Down

How often do you check social media only to find your news feed clogged with your friends and family sharing the results of quizzes like, “Which Star Wars character are you?” or “What’s your superhero name based on your birthday?” While these quizzes might seem harmless on the surface, they often hide a far more […]

There is No Value in Paying a Ransom

We all know at this point how dangerous ransomware can be for businesses. It can lock down files, threaten operational continuity, and in some cases subject victims to brutal fines because of privacy breaches. One place where you might not expect ransomware to hit, however, is customer reviews, and it all stems from the big […]

Malware is Everywhere. Even Your Ads

Do you ever see an advertisement for a free download of a popular Windows application and think it sounds too good to be true? Well, it most likely is, and hackers use these malvertisements to infect computers with malware and other threats. Specifically, malvertising is used to download three different types of malware, all of […]

Cybersecurity is a Strategic Issue for Small Businesses

There are a lot of threats out on the internet, and many of them have absolutely a slim chance to threaten your business. Unfortunately, there are plenty that can, and it only takes one to set your business back. Many IT professionals currently working for enterprise businesses deal with threats day-in and day-out, so they […]