Can You Get By with Consumer-Based Software?

Your business runs on software, whether it’s the systems you implement to get work done or the customer relations management software you use to communicate with the consumers of your goods or services. You’d be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t rely on software in some capacity, so it’s not a stretch to say […]

Automation Makes for Easier Work

Everyone’s job has some degree of minutiae involved. Not everything can be exciting: I mean even a stuntman sits around for most of the day before his or her death-defying scene happens. This week, we thought we’d go through the importance of these seemingly rote tasks and how instituting technology that allows you to automate […]

VoIP is a Great Choice for Businesses

Few parts of your technology infrastructure will have such a profound impact on your operations as your communications systems. Whether it’s your email or your phone systems, you’re bound to use them on a daily basis, and you’ll feel a significant deficit in your operations without them. Today we want to look at one particular […]

Image File Types and Their Purposes

There are all kinds of different file formats for just about anything stored on your computer, but there are a couple of images that you might not immediately be able to tell the difference between. Depending on how the picture is used, the file format can make all the difference. Let’s investigate some of these […]

Use Automation to Improve Operations

The difference between productivity and innovation is not always clear-cut, but the biggest one is that higher productivity naturally creates innovation… assuming it is supported by the right tools and mindset. How can technology help your business be more creative and innovative in the way it goes about its day-to-day operations?

An Easy Way to Remove Duplicate Values in Excel

How much do you know about Microsoft Excel? There are loads of features that most users aren’t aware of, one of which is the ability to remove duplicate values in columns. Let’s walk you through this process so you can more easily compare data sets between two or more columns within your spreadsheets.

Have You Planned Your Technology Refresh Schedule?

Businesses that utilize technology often try to make it last as long as possible to avoid the costs of overhauling their entire infrastructure. This can cause a lot of damage in the long term, though, especially if this practice leads to keeping technology longer than necessary. Let’s examine some of the variables that go into […]