Know Your Tech: PDF

For computer enthusiasts, one of the major questions has always been Mac versus PC. Most people prefer one over the other, while some are fine using either. The problem with having two popular non-compatible computer systems is that they each use proprietary file types. For documents, the answer was developed by Adobe: the Portable Document […]

Know Your Tech: Proxy Server

Your server room may be somewhat intimidating to consider. Wires everywhere, mechanical boxes that sit there with blinking lights and the distinct feeling that you probably shouldn’t touch anything, including the proxy server, whatever that is. To help you get to know your technology, the proxy server is exactly what we discuss below.

Know Your Tech: Encryption Key

Security is a necessity. Encryption is one of the ways businesses are attempting to shore up their security, but this also requires having an encryption key. This week’s technology term is all about encryption, as well as how encryption keys protect your business’s data.

Know Your Tech: CMS

Marketing is increasingly critical to a business’s success, especially when it comes to the use of content as an impressions generator. This makes it all the more important for your content to be well organized and managed. Here, we’ll go over a few options you have as far as content management systems are concerned, and […]

Know Your Tech: Cache

If you hang out around technology professionals for any period of time, chances are you’ve heard the word “cache” used before. Cache, pronounced cash, is usually heard in the phrase, “clear your cache,” but if you don’t know what this phrase means, how can you benefit from it? Since this week’s tech term is “cache,” […]

Tech Term: Computer Forensics

Pop culture gives us an impression of what cyber investigations look like. Official-looking people in impeccable suits typing away at terminals and analyzing the data scrolling past them on their heads-up displays. In reality, computer forensics are a little less dramatic and much more serious. For today’s tech term, we’ll dig into the field of […]