BDR Needs to Be a Business Priority

Of any of your business implementations, a data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system is a serious contender for the most important. However, many neglect to prepare for a data-loss event or disaster, which means they leave their business vulnerable to the ill effects of both. Protecting your business begins with a BDR solution that prepares you for a worst-case scenario.

For a long time, tape backup was the preeminent form of data backup for business purposes. This process, storing a copy of your data on magnetic tape, is no longer sufficient for the modern business due to shortcomings that would only slow down your recovery efforts after a data-loss event.

Another reason tape is considered outdated is the amount of time it takes to restore your backed up data. If you needed to restore your data, the process could easily take hours, and that’s assuming whatever event caused you to need to restore from your backup didn’t also damage your internal hardware infrastructure. This downtime will undoubtedly have a negative impact on your business and can be avoided.

Instead of relying on tape, companies today leverage enterprise-level BDR solutions from providers like Advisors Tech. Utilizing the cloud, BDR takes data backups that are more complete and can be restored much more quickly, leading to decreased downtime. This is accomplished through ‘snapshot’ data backups, which updates any changes as often as every 15 minutes. Any data that may be lost is minimized, offering your business improved protection from threats to your data.

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