Tech Term: Modems and Routers Defined

The Internet is an amazing tool. What do you know about the devices that allow us to access it, specifically modems and routers? Do you know what each does? For today’s tech term, we’ll dive into exactly that.

First, it’s important to understand that these devices serve two different purposes. By working together, the modem and the router create a usable network for you to leverage.

What Does a Modem Do?
A modem is what actually connects your local network to your Internet service provider and the Internet. It allows information to pass without any kind of filtering.

What Does a Router Do?
Your router is what bridges the gaps between the devices on your network and the Internet through either a wired or wireless connection. It also features protections, like firewalls, to prevent potential threats coming in from the Internet.

Combination Options
There is also the option to consolidate these two devices into a single one, although this doesn’t fit everyone’s needs. Using a modem/router combination limits what you can do with your network, and if your 2-in-1 device dies or is damaged, you lose all of your networking capability. Alternatively, a malfunctioning modem or router can be swapped out and replaced relatively easily, with less of a capital investment.

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