Three Giveaways that Your Security Approach Needs a Change

It only makes sense that you would want the best security for your organization. It’s natural to want to eliminate risk entirely. However, this simply is not a realistic viewpoint to take where your security is concerned, and it can even contribute to greater security issues.

This is no way to do business, but it can be hard to identify if you are actually trying to bite off more than you can chew. To help, here are three signs that you are actually hurting your company and its security by trying too much and focusing on the wrong things.

  1. Setting Standards Too High

There needs to be organizational standards where security is concerned. However, it is important to recognize that ‘perfection’ simply isn’t attainable. Many companies will be committed to their ideal vision of a solution to the point that they won’t implement what is seen as an inferior option, leaving themselves completely vulnerable. What’s worse, some of these companies will actively find issues with an entirely workable solution, prolonging the process.

This can have the added ill effect of creating organizational paralysis among the workforce. Operational paralysis is simply the lack of movement toward change, improvement and advancement in a business, due to an impression among staff that any action will ultimately fail. This makes it particularly difficult to enact any change, whether it’s to your security or otherwise, as your staff will not be motivated to stick to it.

  1. Waiting for the Perfect Storm

Many business owners have the tendency to find any reason to wait before starting a project of any kind, including a security initiative. They might want more data to support their proposed strategy, want another project to be finished or want more money or time to commit to it. Any of these reasons may keep them from acting or from even entertaining an idea.

There will never be the perfect time to start a project, and something might get in the way and create friction. However, when it concerns something as important as security, you need to get something workable in place before the worst happens. After all, you can always continue to improve upon things.

  1. Lack of Priorities

Again, it is only natural to want to be prepared for everything, but this too often translates into a company spreading themselves thin and not really being prepared for anything. Furthermore, there may just not be the resources available to reinforce a company against all threats at once. In cases like these, it is only too easy to overestimate the risk of some events. To counter this, there needs to be a frank and pragmatic look at your particular situation.

While maintaining your IT security is an important task, it is equally important to strategize your approach to this maintenance. Advisors Tech can help you handle it. Call 844.671.6071 for more information today.