Engage Your Employees with Innovative Technology

How does your business fare with employee engagement? Do you find that your employees have trouble staying on task or that they simply aren’t interested in the work they do? This is more common than you might think, and you can help them improve the quality of their work with certain kinds of technology.

When your employees are engaged, they’re more likely to invest in the future of your company, as well as their own future within your company. Research doesn’t see this situation as likely as you might think, though. The numbers from a 2015 poll from Gallup place the number of engaged employees at about 30 percent, while 50 percent claim they aren’t engaged with their work. An additional 20 percent claim that they’re actively disengaged by their workplace. Where does your business fall?

There are several ways to improve employee engagement, but we’ll focus on just three of them: digital signage, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and cloud-based communication solutions.

Digital Signage
Some offices have monitors placed around the office that give statistics, reminders and directions to those wandering around the office. These monitors can be used to give workers an idea of how they’re doing, as well as display important information they all might need to do in order to get their jobs done in a more efficient manner. Examples include deadlines, key performance indicators and who has closed the most deals. You can even use it to offer incentives to employees who perform above and beyond.

Bring Your Own Device
Some employees would rather work using their own devices rather than the ones you provide them with. This is because they’re more familiar with their own devices than the ones your business gives them. A BYOD policy solves several issues that your organization might face, such as the revenue used to purchase these devices, as long as the policy is handled correctly to address the potential security issues caused by this.

Cloud-Based Communications
Employees are more productive when they feel their feedback is valued. To this end, collaboration is critical, as everyone who puts forth ideas and information will feel like they’re at least being listened to even if their ideas don’t make it into the finished product. This can also create a sense of camaraderie between your employees and improve teamwork on a fundamental level.

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