Disaster Training: What to Do

You never know when your organization might experience a disaster, whether it’s something natural you can’t predict or a user error from even the most vigilant employee. We’ll walk you through what some of the most common office disasters are and how you can make sure your organization survives them.

User Error: Mistakes Happen
Even the best employee will eventually make a mistake, and with it comes the negative association with being punished. They might even try to hide the mistake to avoid the fallout of it, particularly if they’re afraid of being punished about it. It’s your responsibility to ensure your employees understand that it’s only natural to make mistakes from time to time. In these moments, you must own it—particularly if the issue becomes a downtime incident.

Hardware Failure and Technology Troubles
If someone has a desktop that’s not functioning properly, they need to speak up and have IT address the issue. After all, if the worker is constantly at odds with their technology, it will lead to less work being done and poorer quality work. Unless you want their work to suffer, you should provide them with a single point of contact for all of your business’ IT needs.

Phishing Scams
Phishing scams can vary in scope and scale, but they generally involve your organization falling prey to targeted attempts at stealing business credentials. This is one of those mistakes that even senior employees might fall for. Phishing attacks can be as simple as someone posing as tech support to get a password, username or remote access to a computer, only to install malware or other threats on it. Some of these attacks are so elaborate that they can convince users that the CEO of their business is asking for a wire transfer or other suspicious activity. Either way, you should always have the user investigate the authenticity of suspicious requests before carrying them out.

Your business needs to protect itself from these threats. To learn more about how your organization can keep its network security intact, reach out to us at 844.671.6071.