Disasters Have Many Different Faces

A data-loss incident might seem like an abstract concept, but it’s really quite simple when you boil it down to one cold, hard fact: Your business suffers from downtime and it can no longer function the way it’s supposed to. When facing down a data disaster, there are a lot of ugly truths that your organization needs to be prepared to address. Here are three of them.

Downtime is Crushing
Any time your organization isn’t operating under normal circumstances can be considered downtime. This takes multiple forms, including employees unable to access critical software or data, the office being shut down due to a power outage or even technology problems that result in devices not working as intended. Whatever the reason, you can bet that downtime has a considerable impact on both your wallet and your organization’s long-term sustainability.

Data Loss is Challenging
What a lot of businesses might not understand about data loss is that it equates to lost progress, or work that needs to be done over again. Think about it this way: Your organization has to collect all the data again, assuming that there’s no way to actually restore it. This is why so many businesses have a data backup and disaster recovery solution, as retracing your steps can be costly, time-consuming and, quite frankly, a waste of time that could have been avoided with the proper foresight.

Considerable Fines for Security Risks
In many cases, a data disaster can involve a security breach, where personally identifiable information or sensitive corporate data can be stolen or exposed to danger. When this happens, certain industries that are supposed to adhere to various security thresholds may be subject to fines based on the specific types of data affected. It’s needless to say that this kind of disregard for security compliance can lead to crippling fines and legal repercussions.

In all of the above cases, having a data backup and disaster recovery solution from Advisors Tech can offset the challenges and difficulties of operating at a loss. To learn more about the solutions we offer, reach out to us at 844.671.6071.