Even Small Businesses are Targets for Hackers

Do you ever think of your business as too small of a target to matter to hackers? Some organizations actually do believe this, and that notion is effectively a trap. The thing that all businesses need to keep in mind is that all organizations, regardless of which industry they fall into, have data that’s valuable to hackers. We’re here to prove it and ensure you know the best way to protect your data.

Profitable Types of Data
Believe it or not, even a small business with a handful of clients has data worth stealing. You’re in business to make money, and by virtue of this fact, you likely collect and store financial information. In fact, you collect a ton of valuable data that hackers are looking for.

In addition to all of the financial details you collect, there’s also all of the contact information regarding leads, clients and customers. With so many emails and phone numbers stored on your infrastructure, hackers can have a field day. They’ll have all the information they need to steal funds, distribute malware and create unpleasant situations for your business.

The Unpredictability Factor
Not all hackers have a specific goal in mind when they hack you. Sometimes, all they want to do is make your life miserable. The unpredictability associated with hackers is one of the most dangerous parts of them, as they can take advantage of vulnerabilities to create a problematic situation for you.

The Impact of Security Negligence
If your business falls victim to a hacker, it’s certain to affect your business’ operations. In some cases, it could be subject to compliance fines that could break your budget and put your business at greater risk. Furthermore, you could lose access to important data that makes your business work, threatening its future and all but guaranteeing that recovery can never happen. Therefore, the importance of protecting your network can never be overstated.

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