Give Your Users a Little Support and See What They Give Back

Karma is a pretty powerful force. If you do enough good, good will become of you. At least, that’s the idea. The same idea applies to the people around you. If you cultivate a positive environment and offer everything your staff needs to do a good job, they’ll perform better than the alternative.

So why not make sure they have the technical support they need?

We’ve seen this all too many times. An end user is constantly running into an issue on their computer that interrupts their day and prevents them from accomplishing a task in a timely manner. Maybe they’re trying to get a proposal or presentation finished or push out a marketing campaign.

Unfortunately, their computer is getting in their way. They aren’t running on all cylinders because they’re always having to reboot, they can’t open the software they need or something just isn’t working right. Whatever it is, they need help.

In some cases, they might go to a coworker and seek help. They might contact a manager. They might go directly to you. Everyone has their own work to do, and even if this person’s tasks are important, solving their computer issue might not be a top priority.

Depending on how you handle your IT, you might know that in order to get their issue looked at, you need to call your IT provider, get walked through the issue, approve a remote session or on-site visit, authorize a quote, etc. That’s a lot to distract you from what you were working on.

What we end up with is an employee who’s frustrated because they can’t perform well. It reduces morale and it could belittle their position within the company. They can’t work effectively and their project or task can take longer than it normally would. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Grant Your Staff Access to the Helpdesk
Now imagine the scenario like this: the user runs into an issue. They know they don’t need to go to you for IT issues. They know they can just pick up the phone or email in a ticket describing their problem and it gets handled.

In many cases, they could put in a ticket mid-morning and have it resolved by the time they’re back from lunch. For more severe issues with a greater impact on operations, it could be solved even faster.

If your employees are empowered to report issues and get help, they feel more appreciated and more in control over their own work. If they need to get approval or be told that the issue is too minor to pay for a support call, it demeans their perception of their position.

That’s why we encourage our clients to let their staff access our help desk. For many common issues, it can fall under your managed agreement, and the business owner can be hands-off for the minor issues and support questions that would normally bog you down.

It’s time to give your staff the freedom to get support. It will save you time and increase their productivity. Want to learn how we do it? Give us a call at 844.671.6071.