Unveiling the Managed Service Provider

We talk a lot about managed services for small and medium-sized businesses, but unless you’re familiar with the business model, you won’t be able to learn much about who we are and what we provide to organizations like yours. Today, we’re hoping to clear up some definitions of managed service providers (MSP), as well as what kind of services we can provide for businesses with limited budgets.

Managed services differ from the traditional method of IT management and maintenance. Perhaps you remember the old days when you sought technology repairs as needed thinking it actually saved you money. While it may have been true to an extent in the short term, did it actually save you money for the long haul? We’re willing to bet it didn’t for one big reason: the downtime associated with technology maintenance.

When we talk about downtime, it’s important to remember that it’s a major cause for budgets being flattened. If you’re waiting until your organization suffers from technology issues before resolving them, you’re practically begging for operations to be affected by downtime. Wouldn’t it be better to actively prevent these issues from evolving into bigger, more costly problems that are much more difficult to resolve?

It’s this mindset that managed service providers take on. Managed service providers and preventative technology maintenance aim to eliminate the majority of downtime and save businesses serious capital in the process.

Furthermore, managed IT makes for easier infrastructure management, as it involves outsourcing the majority of your organization’s technology management to a third party. In this way, you save time and resources from being consumed in a way that’s counter-intuitive to operations. Remember, your employees aren’t necessarily learned in repairing technology, so unless they have actually been trained in how to administer IT help, you should leave it to the professionals.

Advisors Tech can provide your business with the preventative technology maintenance and solution management needed to ensure operations are always at their maximum. Not only that, but we can also maintain your solutions and host them on our infrastructure specifically so this responsibility doesn’t fall on your shoulders. In other words, you’ll have an easier time managing your business because you’re not bogged down trying to manage all of its technology solutions.

To learn more about managed services and everything we can do for your business, reach out to us at 844.671.6071.