Upgrades Are Necessary as Microsoft Retires Two Heavy Hitters

Windows might be the most popular operating system out there, but it’s not perfect. This is why your systems receive patches and security updates as they’re released. The problem, however, is that these updates don’t last forever, and one of the most popular Windows systems out there will lose access to support on Jan. 14, 2020. Are you going to update now, or are you going to risk your systems going without critical updates?

The future of your business depends on how you respond to these end of support dates. In fact, along with Windows 7, solutions like Windows Server 2008 R2 will also lose support, putting businesses that haven’t updated their infrastructure in a while in a precarious place. Believe us when we say that you’re potentially underestimating the process of implementing new software solutions for your business in the face of these end of support dates.

What Does End of Support Mean?
You may receive messages on your device asking you to install updates. While it might almost always be an inconvenient time to make sure this happens, the fact that they won’t be there in the future should scare you. These updates are meant to help you dodge issues that could become larger problems in the future, meaning that if an end of support event is upcoming, you’ll want to prioritize upgrading away from unsupported software.

Why is this an Issue?
Security updates are important, but so are the patches that resolve everything from minor operational issues to major security flaws and vulnerabilities. Hackers take advantage of everything they can find to create trouble for your business, and it’s likely that after the end of support date, the number of threats will only multiply. It’s best to prevent these security issues from becoming major disasters by ensuring your updates are applied as they’re released.

By taking preventative action now, you can save your business countless amounts of time and resources. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be nice if you had technology from this decade? We assure you that the update to a more recent operating system will be much welcomed after the fact, no matter how difficult the implementation process winds up being.

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