Tip of the Week: How to Get the Most from Your IT Budget

As any business owner knows too well, a budget is a very finite thing – and this can seem to be doubly the case when trying to budget for your business’ technology. Fortunately, there are also a few ways that technology can help you save some capital. Here, we’re offering some tips to help you reduce the financial toll of your business’ IT.

Leverage Automation
Would you rather pay your staff to accomplish their responsibilities or pay the same amount to have them work just as hard but only accomplish half as much?

Automated solutions and processes can make your business far more efficient than it would be otherwise, simply because it makes it so your staff doesn’t have to take care of routine responsibilities and can instead focus on capital-generating endeavors. As a result, you can streamline how your dollars are spent, making more for a relatively small investment.

Ditch the Landline
All technology follows the same trajectory. It starts as an invention, is innovated upon, becomes the established norm and is eventually phased out by the next invention. Alexander Graham Bell’s patent for the telephone is almost 150 years old, suggesting that it’s high time for the next innovation to step into the fold.

In a large way, it already has, with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP leverages your business’ internet connection to place calls, meaning you no longer have to pay the telephone company for service. Furthermore, it is far easier to expand a VoIP solution, making it an even better option for a growing business.

Invest Wisely
When selecting a solution, there’s a lot to be said about seeking out a bargain. However, you need to lean more towards frugality and less towards being miserly. A solution you may have gotten for a considerable discount, but ultimately costs you three times its worth in maintenance and repairs can barely be called a solution at all. Furthermore, cheaper devices are often cheaper because the manufacturers skimped on key aspects, like performance, security and durability. The same can often be said of emerging technologies. It’s better to be late jumping on the bandwagon than it is to be in the front row when the whole thing crashes.

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