Tip of the Week: Project Management Software

Project management is an essential part of nearly every business, and good management software can do a lot for you. What it can’t do, however, is actually get your team to complete the work faster, especially if they don’t completely understand why you’ve chosen that particular platform. For today’s tip, we take a look at project management and give you some tips to help your organization improve the success of its projects.

There are a lot of tools used to manage projects. Regardless of what platform your company uses, there are some simple, common sense practices your team can use to enhance its project management proficiency. Here are five:

Tip No. 1: Hash Out Details Before You Start
Sometimes getting a project off the ground is harder than actually completing it. Depending on the number of stakeholders involved, many projects may find it difficult to get off the ground. Ensuring that the project is viable, has the support it needs to come to fruition and has the resources in place to be most efficiently implemented are important before a minute of work is done on the project.

You will want to identify what workers will be responsible for what work, while also doing your best to come up with a timeline for the project that will not waste resources.

Tip No. 2: Choose One Project Manager
Today, there are a lot of collaborative interfaces out there that make managing a project much easier. As a result, sometimes a project won’t have a single project lead, it will be carried out with a team approach. You may get through a project or two like this before it becomes painfully evident that there needs to be someone to run point on the project.

Tip No. 3: Define Specific Milestones
For any project, there will be benchmarks to meet. As a project begins, defining the metrics that will have to be met will give any project team a good idea what the expectations are at the end of each phase of a project. By frequently checking in on the status of deliverables, the project manager can ensure that all elements of the product are aligned with what customers will invest in.

Tip No. 4: Manage Risk
Managing risk is important in any business endeavor. There will be times when, in the course of the phases of a project, one will go horribly wrong and will put the entire project’s success at risk. One of the best ways to identify and manage risk is by keeping the lines of communication open. Most project management software provides options to communicate, whether they be integrated through an existing system, or if they’re localized as a part of the software.

Tip No. 5: Evaluation
Through success or failure, lessons can be learned from any project. By reviewing and scrutinizing every aspect of the project, you’ll get some fuel on how to improve your project management moving forward, identifying what went right, what went wrong and how they make up the final result. One way to ensure a project was a complete success is to determine its return on investment (ROI). Often, project managers will provide a planned ROI to stakeholders at the beginning. By comparing the two after the end of the project, you can establish whether it had the value you were planning for.

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