Cloud Services Are the Rideshare of Business Computing

It can be easy to wonder how cloud services is so beneficial for businesses. After all, the monthly service charges are attractive, but how do they provide the value outside of cost? To understand how the cloud brings rapid and sustainable ROI, it may help to look at an analogy.

How the Cloud is Like a Rideshare

Cost Efficiency
Let’s say you’re with three people, and you need to get somewhere but don’t have access to a car. You could call an Uber or a taxi that would cost you about $20. If you’re going to the same place, you could all share the cost of a ride for $7 each, a fraction of the cost.

This is a lot like how cloud services work. Since you’re paying for access to storage, processing or application deployment on an outside computer, you’re just paying rent for the privilege. This means you can get the computing resources your business needs at a substantial cost savings. This is because you are often not the only one using these resources.

Just like you pay less if you split your transportation costs, cloud service companies allow for substantial cost savings by virtualizing computing resources and making them available at attractive rates.

Reduced Maintenance
The combination of leasing these virtualized computing resources, while taking on a majority of the management of these resources, provides substantial value for businesses and individuals.

Let’s say that, to continue the rideshare metaphor, you decide to lease a car from a local dealership. One day the car breaks down. You’ve spent a premium amount of money trying to get a reliable ride to work, but if you don’t have access to your car, your investment isn’t cost effective. This is the same experience a business has that purchases hardware and has issues with it. Outsourcing the computing resources ensures that you have continuous, reliable access to them.

Finally, just like ordering a shared ride, cloud services allow you maximize productivity. With cloud computing you can even work from anywhere with an internet connection and utilize your time reliably. Turning to cloud computing resources is a great way to free yourself from the costs of purchasing expensive hardware, while giving you the resources your business needs to get where you want to go.

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