How to Operate in an Environmentally-Conscious Way

There are many reasons you might want to make your office a little more “green.” As it happens, there are just as many ways you can put forth the effort to do so. If you’re trying to run a more environmentally-conscious business, we have a selection of a few relatively simple ways to start.

Use Less Power
We’ll get the simplest habit out of the way first. Don’t leave things, like lights and peripherals, powered on when they aren’t necessary. Build the habit of switching them off when they aren’t in use. It may help to label your switches to ensure the right lights are turning off at the right time.

Use Up-to-Date Technology
Modern technology solutions are another good way to reduce the amount of power your hardware and infrastructure require. Public cloud options, like Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365, offer a dual benefit in that they not only enable remote capabilities, but they allow you to scale back your on-site infrastructure needs. As a result, your energy requirements are likewise decreased. The same result can come from keeping your hardware and business infrastructure up to date, as newer technologies are more energy efficient.

Use Your Printer Less
On the subject of using up-to-date solutions, these solutions also help minimize the need to print very much at all. Using collaborative technology can therefore reduce the amount of paper waste your business produces.

Use Remote Capabilities
Returning briefly to the idea of remote work solutions, enabling your employees to operate from home is another means of reducing the environmental impact your business contributes. Not only will your office require less energy by default, there will be fewer emissions generated thanks to the reduced amount of traffic on the road from commuters.

Use Carpooling Practices
If you do require your staff members to be present in the office, encouraging them to set up carpooling groups is another way you can help reduce the emissions they produce. After all, one car produces fewer emissions than four would, and it gives your staff time to connect.

Use Fewer Disposables
The average office has quite a few disposable options that could very well be replaced with reusable ones. Switch the paper and plastic products in the break room for washable, reusable options. Instead of offering sugar packets and individual creamer cups, have communal dispensers that can be refilled.

Use Laptops
As the nature of the work environment has shifted, laptops just make more sense for many employees than the desktop. This is good, because laptops not only help enable remote work, they also require far less energy in comparison.

Use Recycling Resources
Finally, as you make these upgrades to your location, equipment and processes, make sure you are properly disposing of the elements you are replacing, including your equipment. Due to the environmentally-hazardous components that are used to make them, most modern pieces of technology shouldn’t just be thrown out. Instead, enlist a reputable professional to ethically recycle your device and its components.

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