Chrome Adds Color Coded Tabs and We’re So Thankful

Google Chrome is adding a cool feature. This feature is sure to make a big difference for some and will be nondescript for others. Let’s unpack colorful tabs in Google Chrome.

Adding More Organization Into Your Chrome Browser
Admit it, you have a tendency to use too many browser tabs. At any given time, you may have as many as 20 browser tabs open. If you use more than one screen, it could be more. Most users use their Chrome browser for so much of their online life that it’s hardly noticed. We then wonder why our PC is running slow. The truth is, people use a lot of browser tabs, and they are better off for it.

Google, knowing their users’ behavior better than most companies, has come up with a new feature that will allow you to assign a certain color to a browser tab and group them together with like-colored tabs. This feature will be rolled out to users in this update.

The update should be happening soon, but it will hit everyone at different times. You may already have the feature in your Chrome browser. When it does come, it will be as a default browser update and will be a change for all Chrome users. All you will need to do is right-click on tabs, group them together, and assign a color.

Are you a tab-hoarder or a tab-minimalist? Is this feature going to help you? Be sure to return to our blog for more great information about technology.