Managed Services is Healthcare for Your IT

Your business’ critical IT systems are on the fritz again, and you aren’t sure what’s causing the problem. Fortunately, you have access to help! When you don’t feel well, or something’s wrong with your body, you visit your healthcare provider. They’ll examine you, diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution. This process has been in place for millennia. Much more recently, it was also adopted by a very different sector: the information technology industry in what is known as managed IT services.

When most people think about IT, their thoughts turn to the phone calls they make to tech support that usually take a long time and feel like they do little to move the recovery process along, or they think about the technician who comes in to repair something on-site, making a huge mess and causing a distraction. Naturally, this has made many business owners and users loath to call in IT services, preferring to make do as best they can with what they have. Neglecting IT-related problems, just like neglecting signs of malaise, can exacerbate problems substantially.

This phenomenon has led to a shift in the IT service industry. With new automated tools and other improved technologies, instead of trying to fix a problem after the fact, we work to avoid the problem in the first place. This proactive approach to managing your business’ technology shifts the strategy from remediation to prevention.

Think about how many doctors spend a good portion of their office hours. They don’t just spend it performing complicated surgeries and procedures on their patients. More often, it is spent checking up on their patients to make sure they’re remaining healthy. IT services emulate this approach, saving everyone time and money by catching issues early.

For a predictable monthly fee, your technology is kept under the careful watch of your provider. This managed service provider (MSP) not only monitors your infrastructure remotely, they can often take action remotely to resolve the issue before it actually has an effect on your business’ operations. If that isn’t an option, your MSP can send out a technician to discreetly assist you at your location, much like a doctor making a house call would.

Also, just as a doctor can proactively prescribe scripts to be refilled, your MSP can proactively review and update your existing solutions to further improve your technology experience. Some of the services that are offered include:

  • Proactive monitoring and management of onsite resources
  • Comprehensive consulting services
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Around-the-clock IT support
  • Vendor management
  • Patch management
  • Cybersecurity auditing
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)
  • And more!

Just like a doctor’s purpose is to assist us in living as effectively as we can, the right managed service provider’s purpose is to do the same for your business’ IT. Contact Advisors Tech today at 844.671.6071 to find out how our brand of managed IT services could potentially benefit your business.