Essential Information Technology Practices

Information technology is a critical tool for many businesses today, which means it is crucial that your IT is compliant to a few key best practices. Let’s go over these practices so that you have a roadmap to ensure your operations can remain secure and productive.

Keep Your IT Up to Date and Maintained
Technology has gotten better over time and provided us with improved alternatives to what has been used before. These improvements have also come faster and have been more dramatic in scale. On the other side of this coin, threats to your business technology have seen similar advancements.

As a result, your operational success depends on you keeping up with these changes. In addition to maintaining the operability of your IT solutions, you also need to prioritize updating and upgrading them when the time comes. These activities will both ensure your team can perform their tasks and that they are also capable of doing so securely.

Back Up Your Data
With data being so important to a business’ successful and productive operations, you need to have insurance that some circumstance won’t cause you to lose your access to it, especially with so many circumstances potentially leading to that outcome. Infrastructure damage, theft, user error, equipment failure and more can all lead to data loss at any level.

This is precisely why a backup solution is so important for a business to maintain. With no way of accurately predicting how or when data loss may strike, having some means of preserving your data continuity needs to be considered an essential consideration. To accomplish this, we recommend that your backup strategy incorporate multiple copies of your data, with a minimum of three copies included. First should be the original copy of your data, second should be an onsite backup, and the rest should be hosted offsite — preferably in the cloud. That way, all your bases are covered, whether you need a quick fix for a deleted file or need to reconstruct your entire infrastructure.

Secure Your Data
Finally, data security must be addressed by all businesses, regardless of their size. Cybercrime nets more profit for its perpetrators than the global trade of illicit drugs does, and an average of 75 records are stolen each second. A bank account is currently available for a few dollars, provided you know where to look.

Businesses are often targeted via phishing attacks, which are only made more effective due to many user accounts having more access than is warranted and internal storage lacking the appropriate security protections. If they manage to fool one of a business’ employees into letting them in, a cybercriminal is given considerable power.

To help counter this, there needs to be a combined effort to both better educate business users as well as reinforce the security measures built into the infrastructure itself. Authentication requirements, role-based permissions and other means could help prevent some data from being leaked that otherwise could be.

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