How to Improve Your Business with Solid IT Practices

Technology is important to most small businesses today, especially when looking to improve it affordably. That’s why when making technology decisions, you should consider the following solid practices.

Coordinate Uniform Procedures and Processes
Your business should always try to find technology that works for the majority of your employees. The reason is that data isn’t always interchangeable and will have problems being transferred in some cases. Take Microsoft Word, for example. If you copy and paste text from Microsoft Word to Google Docs, the formatting is affected in the document. This is a small issue, of course, but if your company depends on this type of technology, selecting one that works for your business will standardize things as well as likely be more affordable than using multiple pieces of software to do the same thing.

This strategy is also solid for managing your internal data. Having consistency with the way your procedures are created and managed gives your team the best chance of collaborating effectively.

Prioritize Security

Security has to be a point of emphasis for every business. This means physical as well as virtual security. You need to get the tools to protect your business and its employees, but you also need to train your staff on the best practices to keep your business’ assets secure. This means training them in positive password hygiene and how to avoid being phished, while also deploying the tools that will work to reduce their exposure to threatening situations. Only a combination of solid tools and best practices will work with the amount of active threats there are out there.

Promote Mobile Solutions

Mobility is a growing consideration for most businesses. A lot can be done from outside the business, but in order to get the most out of available mobile technology, you will need to manage mobile access to company resources. For the SMB, the best way to do that is to build a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that works to give your staff access to the data and resources they need, but also allows you to manage mobile access to ensure that your data and digital assets aren’t in danger of theft or corruption.

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