5 Tips to Give Your Mobile Device’s Battery a Boost

We’ve all been in situations where we need our smartphone battery to last just a little bit longer, until we can get home to plug it in. Unfortunately, due to the nature of smartphone batteries, they will ultimately degrade over time, no matter how many precautions we take during our day-to-day happenings. To help you get the most juice out of your smartphone’s battery, we have compiled some tips that might help ease the pain of a slowly dying battery.

Before we jump in, we just want to say that a lot of the problems associated with a dying battery can be contributed by the age of the battery itself. Older smartphones might have the ability to swap out batteries, but you may have noticed that recent models do not have the removable battery, forcing you to upgrade to a new device rather than just purchasing a new battery. If you do wind up upgrading to a new device, Advisors Tech can help make this process easy and painless. But first, try out these tips to get maximum life from your battery.

Turn Down Your Screen’s Brightness
While modern smartphones have pretty great-looking screens and high resolutions, this directly correlates to more battery consumption throughout the day. You can reduce this somewhat by simply lowering the brightness of your screen or reducing the amount of time that it’s lit up.

Try to Avoid Using Media
Excessive use of applications and media can drain your battery, especially games and high-quality video streaming. To minimize battery usage for these, consider limiting your use of these applications unless you really need them.

Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and Location Services
Services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and location services are all great to have enabled when you need to use them. When you’re not actively using them, they can put an unnecessary burden on your battery’s life. Plus, depending on your location, you could potentially put your device at risk of security issues as a result of using them. Better to just disable them when they are not in use.

Turn Off Mobile Data
Similar to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location services, your phone is always looking to stay connected, and when it’s looking for service, it’s draining your battery. Turn off your mobile data to save a little bit of battery life. Plus, this benefit can compound, as when you have your mobile data turned off, you likely won’t be consuming any high-quality media or wasting battery power on apps.

Just Put Your Phone Down
We know that as a business owner, it’s hard to put down the phone and not worry about who’s trying to get ahold of you or how many emails are in your inbox. But we promise that those messages and missed calls can wait until you are in the office and on the clock. Sometimes it’s good to slow down and set your phone down. The less you use your phone, the less battery you will consume, contributing to its longevity in both the short and long term.