Technology Can Replace These Office Conventions

With so many changes in the office environment over the past several decades, it’s no wonder that some of the staples from way back when are no longer crucial to the success of any organization. Technology has driven many conventions of the old office environment into extinction, rendering them obsolete and, in some cases, pretty much pointless to keep around. Here are just a few ways that technology has replaced some of these conventions.

Filing Cabinets
If you have been in business for a while, chances are that you have accumulated filing cabinets that fill up with paper documents faster than expected. They have traditionally been used to keep files safe and in a convenient storage location, but the truth of the matter is that these cabinets are far from convenient these days.

The cloud has enabled the use of document storage systems that put filing cabinets to shame. These systems offer digital environments to safely store documents, and due to the electronic nature of the files, they do not take up massive amounts of physical space in your office. Furthermore, these systems offer search capabilities that will make you never want to sift through a filing cabinet again.

Conference Room Gatherings
When you have a small workforce, it’s easy to call a meeting for the entire office. When you have a larger workforce, especially if you have remote employees, it’s not easy to fit everyone in the same conference room you used to use for this purpose. Thankfully, technology has made it easier than ever to schedule meetings, even for those who have crazy schedules and long meetings.

Video conferencing software gives businesses the ability to hold much larger meetings without filling an amphitheater, instead administering meetings virtually from just about anywhere. These video conferencing tools also have schedule and calendar integration that can inform you who can make it to the meeting and who can’t.

Traditional Work Desk Accommodations
Your employees’ daily tasks generally revolve around completing tasks at their work desk. While they may have duties that pull them away from time to time, the majority of their work will be done from the comfort of their desk. At least, that’s how things used to be. Nowadays, the trend is moving in the direction of remote work, or at least a more mobile type of work situation.

Remote technology gives businesses the capabilities to equip employees with technology that allows them to work from any location with the right solutions. The pandemic has proved that businesses do not need their employees in the office in order to stay functional.

Landline Telephones
Landlines are a relic of the past in the modern office environment. Adding new handsets can be a pain, especially if your infrastructure is dated and was built for a staff much smaller than your own. It might involve running new wires throughout the office which can be both time-consuming and costly. Modern business technology comes to the rescue here, as well.

VoIP systems give organizations another way to eliminate unnecessary costs and outdated technology by letting you use your internet connection for telephony services rather than traditional telephone lines. Plus, it comes with other features that are expected of business telephone solutions, so you are not leaving any value on the table by implementing these solutions.

Need a Hand with Implementation?
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