Stop Dangerous Internet Behavior with a Content Filter

The internet is filled with countless resources and tools to be more effective in your day-to-day routine or business practices, but it is also home to a plethora of dangers that threaten the very existence of your organization. As an executive and business professional, it is your responsibility to identify opportunities to protect your company. One such way you can do so is by implementing a content filter.

Let’s outline what a content filter is, what it does and the issues it can resolve for your organization.

What is a Content Filter?
Content filters are part of a greater cybersecurity strategy which involves blocking specific content on company workstations. This content is often perceived as harmful, but it can also be viewed as a waste of time. Content filters are notable in that they can block specific websites from loading, files from executing, etc. While content filters are mostly used to reinforce network security, they might also be implemented to enforce company policies related to workstation usage.

Why is it Necessary?
Time-wasting websites, like social media and streaming services, are tempting for employees who tend to check out during the workday, so it makes sense to block access to them as needed. Furthermore, there is some content that simply does not belong in the workplace. These websites are often host to cyber threats like viruses and malware, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to stay away from them, especially in the workplace.

Plus, you can implement content filters on a case-by-case basis, meaning you can let the employees who do their work in a safe and distraction-free manner use the web as they please. Meanwhile, those who often get distracted can keep their productivity in check without the temptation of visiting wasteful or unsecured websites.

Get Started Today
A content filter might be just what your company needs in order to shore up weaknesses and ensure that your employees are being productive with their time. Your employees might not like it and they might feel like you don’t trust them, but in reality, you are doing it to protect them, their jobs and your organization. To get started with content filtering, we recommend a solution like unified threat management (UTM). A UTM can protect your organization from many different types of threats, including those found on dangerous websites.

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