Tips to Secure the Data on a Lost or Stolen Device

With remote work still widely in place, the idea of lost or stolen devices has many companies terrified. Due to this security issue, you must consider what you might do should someone lose track of one of your company’s devices. Here are four ways that you can take preventative measures to ensure that lost or stolen devices don’t become a major security risk for your business.

Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication
First, you want to make sure that whoever finds your device cannot access any of the data found on it. Multi-factor authentication is valuable in this regard, and it just makes sense to have it enabled. With multiple measures keeping your device secure, like a PIN and a biometric authentication, you should have little trouble with security. Some multi-factor authentication methods also use a secondary device or account that can be just as effective for securing your device.

Turn On Location Services
Most devices have access to location services within their settings, so it’s important you have these enabled. If you ever lose the device, the enabled location services settings should allow you to locate them, or at least give you an idea of where the device might be. Oftentimes, this ballpark estimate is enough to help you figure things out or at least narrow down the possibilities for where the device could be.

Back Up Your Data
In the event that you cannot locate or recover your device, you will want to know with certainty that your data is safe, even if you have to remotely wipe the device to keep said data safe. This is why we recommend that you always back up your data, even on a mobile device. The last thing you need when dealing with a device that is lost or stolen is data loss, too.

Utilize a Mobile Device Management Tool
We understand you don’t want to think about what would happen in the event you lose a device, but it’s still something you must consider. We can help you prepare for such an event through the implementation of a unified threat management (UTM) tool from Advisors Tech. With our comprehensive mobile device management platform, you get all of the features above, plus some. It’s a great opportunity to optimize your odds of success should you lose a device.

If you take nothing else away from this article, we hope you at least remember that the best way to combat a lost or stolen device is to adequately prepare for it. To learn more about how you can do so, reach out to Advisors Tech at 844.671.6071.