Let’s Look at Some of the Virtual Threats

Network security is challenging for many businesses, and it’s largely because of the large number of various threats that populate the internet. Some companies simply don’t know what the correct measures to take are, leaving themselves vulnerable to these threats on both a security standpoint and an employee training standpoint. We’ll delve into some of these threats and how they can be addressed.

We want to provide a shortlist of security threats that your organization should keep an eye out for. Many of them are variants of malware, but you might be surprised by one or two entries on this list!

The More Notorious Network Security Threats

  • Viruses/malware: These types of threats are bits of code and malicious programs that cause problems for your business. The effects range from minor inconveniences to serious problems. There are many variants of malware that perform specific tasks, like steal data, install adware, and in the case of ransomware, encrypt files on the device.
  • Trojans/backdoors: Trojans, also known as backdoors, provide back-end access to an infected network or device. Hackers can then gain access remotely to perform all kinds of nefarious deeds. Trojans and backdoors are often gateways for other threats to make their way to your network.
  • Unpatched vulnerabilities: Sometimes vulnerabilities are discovered in software your business uses, and if these vulnerabilities are not patched in a timely manner, they can create security problems for your business. This is especially the case if you use unsupported software, like an old operating system.
  • Phishing attacks: Phishing attacks are commonly used to spread other types of threats or steal important information like banking credentials or personal information. They can come in a variety of modes, like through email or even over the phone.

Security Measures to Protect Yourself
Your security strategy should have two primary components: the technology aspect and the human aspect. For technology solutions, you can implement tools such as unified threat management (UTM) devices, which combine common security measures like antivirus, firewalls, spam blocking, and content filtering into one easy-to-manage solution. We also highly recommend that you implement a virtual private network for secure data transmission and multi-factor authentication for account security.

As for the human aspect, you must train your employees on how to identify and respond to threats in an appropriate way. This means they should know how to avoid threats online and how to see past the farces brought upon them by hackers. They should also be fully aware of how to report a security breach to your IT department, whether it is in-house or managed through a third party.

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