Tip of the Week: Placing Your Router in the Ideal Spot

Whether in the home or office, getting work done nowadays is very reliant on a reliable Wi-Fi signal. This makes it important to have your router placed in the right spot. Let’s go over a few best practices so you can set up your router in a place where it does you the most good.

Keep Your Router in a Central Location
If you’re trying to cover the entirety of a building, putting your router at one end or the other is going to be counterproductive. Not only is the signal generally directed outward in all directions from the hardware, putting the router on one side of the building potentially doubles the number of walls the signal will have to penetrate to reach a device on the other side. Plus, that also means that half of your signal is being sent where nobody will be using it. Keeping your router in the middle helps to keep the signal as centralized to your business as possible.

Minimize the Obstacles the Signal Will Have
On the topic, the more your Wi-Fi signal needs to go through to get to your devices, the weaker it will be by the time it gets there. Avoid putting your router in an enclosed space to help keep your signal as strong as possible.

Other electronic devices count as obstacles as well, as they can let out interference that disturbs your Wi-Fi signal. Try to keep your router away from these if possible.

Position the Antennas Appropriately
Depending on where you need your signal to go, you’d be wise to adjust how your router’s antennas are positioned. If you only need your signal to cover the floor that the router is also on, keeping the antennas vertical will be your best bet. If multi-floor coverage is required, angling them slightly may be best.

Truly optimizing your wireless connection may take a bit of fiddling, but keeping these practices in mind is bound to help. For more assistance with your business’ IT, give us a call at 844.671.6071.