Tip of the Week: Keep a Clean Computer

If you think about it, a computer is a machine that is full of complex parts and components. Therefore, if you want it to operate at maximum efficiency, it must be taken care of, like being kept tidy and clean. Here are three tips you can implement today to clean up your workstation and improve the performance of your device.

Prevent Dust from Accumulating
If something is stationary for too long, it accumulates dust, and computers are no exception. Unless you make it routine to clean regularly, dust will gather around fans and vents utilized for cooling down its components. Make sure you remove the dust regularly so your device doesn’t experience cooling issues.

Avoid Food or Drink at the Workstation
The best way to keep your computer clean is to not put it in a position to get dirty. By this, we mean keeping your food and drink well away from your computer. If you don’t bring your meals near it, you’ll be less likely to spill it on your device. We know the grind can be pretty stressful, but you really should be taking your lunch break away from the computer.

Clean Out Your Keyboard Every So Often
Keyboards can collect a ton of skin particles, crumbs, dust, and so much more that can get stuck underneath the keys, and this is all just by going about your day-to-day routine. Take a moment to shake out your keyboard every now and then. It might mean the difference between taking your keys off to clean underneath them at a later date.

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