Avoid Productivity Speedbumps with the Right Software

Productivity is at the heart of running a successful business, but it’s not always apparent to employees how their effort translates into value for the company. Is there a way to use technology to help fuel productivity and ensure employees understand the value that their productivity provides to your organization? The right tools can eliminate barriers to productivity and allow your employees to reach their full potential.

That said, technology can often be a big challenge for some companies to implement. On one hand, refusing to implement more advanced tools means you cannot compete with your competitors. On the other hand, the costs of running a business are higher than ever, and technology is not as easily attainable as a result, particularly for small businesses. Certain tools, however, are both affordable and feasible for businesses to implement. Let’s look at some of them.

Customer Relationship Management
With management software, you can eliminate the need to multitask as frequently, allowing employees to better schedule and spend their time throughout the workday. Multitasking divides the attention of your employees and causes problems in quality of work performed. Research has shown that employees work best when they can focus on one task at a time.

One tool that is great for eliminating multitasking is a customer relationship management tool, or CRM solution. CRMs come with built-in automation that allows you to track every task set to them, and they can integrate with just about all parts of your business. A CRM is great for freeing up more time for you to focus on other tasks, as they automate so much of the sales and marketing funnel.

Cloud-Hosted VoIP/Email
If you have a home phone system, chances are you are using a VoIP system that comes through your cable modem. Modern businesses must utilize the same communication technology if they want to remain competitive. VoIP systems allow businesses constant access to the tools they need to succeed, including solutions built for both desktop and smartphone use, along with other features like instant messaging and conference calling to meet the ever-changing needs of the workplace.

A great cloud-hosted email system can also be a powerful asset. With cloud-hosted email, you can provide access to a fast-syncing solution that integrates well with messaging and other productivity tools. With the right email system, you’ll find your business can be more productive and efficient, and you’ll find that most enterprise-level email providers can help you build their offerings in a cloud environment.

Mobile Device Management
The modern workforce is armed with one of the most powerful productivity tools out there: the smartphone. It’s a fact that people are going to use their smartphones, so you should do what you can to build how they use their smartphones into your business strategy. Some companies even give their employees time to use their phones for calling, messaging, and social media, while others are much more liberal in allowing the use of these devices. Others eliminate the unpredictable nature of smartphones by implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

A comprehensive BYOD policy backed up by a mobile device management tool gives your business insights into how your employees are using their personal smartphones while on the clock. This means that you don’t have to overtly deny your employees the use of their devices, but more importantly, it means that your team will be using devices protected and reinforced by security measures.

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