4 Critical Technologies All Small Businesses Need

One of the best things about technology is that it does quite a bit to level the playing field. Smaller businesses can effectively do the work of larger enterprises because they have access to similar technologies. Additionally, technology goes a long way toward helping businesses manage their customer relationships, a key component to any revenue-seeking endeavor. This month we thought we would put together a list of four technologies every small business can use to manage their business and compete in their market.

Human Resources Software
For decades, human resources were manned by people doing constant tasks to help improve working conditions and facilitate business by keeping companies running smoothly. Today, the whole industry is seeing a major shift, in large part, from technology. Today, there are online platforms for recruiting talent, time-tracking software that makes accounts receivable much more efficient, and other applications designed to make the role of human resources easier to manage. With this technology, the communication between HR and the staff is streamlined and secure, the litany of forms needed by a business and outside regulatory bodies has all moved online, and all the performance tracking that HR is responsible for can be audited through a company’s technology. Today’s HR software also makes reviewing the enormous amount of data available much, much easier.

Customer Relationship Management
The power of customer relationship management (CRM) software is how it combines all the elements that a business needs to manage their relationships with current and even potential customers. What’s more, the CRM typically has features that allow for management of projects and services, time tracking, and saves company and project-centric information so that employees that work in different departments can do work for a single project in one easy-to-use interface.

Innovative Payment Methods
Money is seemingly tight everywhere and customers really respond when your business provides advanced payment solutions. Technology like contactless payments is gaining in popularity. These include mobile wallets and card payments (using swipe or tap to pay), which allow your customers to pay online or in person without having to have cash on them.

Advanced Data Security
One place where a lot of small and mid-sized businesses lag behind enterprises is with their cybersecurity. Your business needs to invest in security solutions for your brick-and-mortar locations, for your network and infrastructure, and for the data you take in. Since many businesses are now looking for as much information about their prospective and current customers as possible, having an idea and the tools needed on how to protect that information is crucial to sustaining a positive reputation within your customer base and inside your industry.

Technology can significantly change the way your business operates and can present some pretty great changes to help you tackle all the issues your business may have. Call the IT professionals at Advisors Tech for more information about getting the technology and technology support your business requires today at 844.671.6071.