Social Networking Sites Aren’t Immune to Cybersecurity Threats

One of the more overlooked parts of cybersecurity attacks involves social media and social engineering tactics targeting it. If you’re not careful, you could be putting yourself at risk of attacks through social media. How can you ensure that your staff members are keeping security at top of mind even when using social media? Let’s find out.

Fake Accounts
A hacker might set up fake accounts that look like those you are familiar with or those who are popular or common. Accounts like these might be quite new, having only a handful of friends or been created recently. These accounts often only have a handful of posts, if any at all, and they are just fishing for “friends” to target.

Unsolicited Messages
Sometimes hackers might use a hacked or fake account to send unsolicited messages to users. The most notorious types of messages received might be from friends who you might not have heard from in a while, and you might ask yourself why they are contacting you out of the blue suddenly. While we are all for wanting to trust friends or connections, it’s important to vet suspicious messages appropriately before responding.

Phishing Links
Social media is often used to share links to news websites, articles, reviews, or other interesting information (interesting to the sharer, anyway). Before mindlessly clicking on a link, consider who is sharing it, where the link goes, and whether you can trust it. Taking a moment to use a bit of scrutiny can save you a lot of embarrassment and frustration on the off chance it’s a phishing link.

Sneaky Quizzes
This one is more insidious compared to the others, as it’s not immediately clear or obvious that this is an issue. Essentially, you might see your friends taking quizzes like “Which Golden Girl are You?” If you’re not careful, you might be providing the quizzes, and whoever created them in the first place, with information that might be harvested later for a hacking campaign. While it might be fun to learn these things, be cognizant of the types of questions you are being asked, too.

Training is Incredibly Important
To keep your employees from doing something silly and falling for a social media phishing scam, you need to conduct regular training sessions that make them aware of the dangers they face every day they log onto their social media accounts. Periodically go over social media best practices to ensure that your team is always apprised of what they need to know.

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