Improve Your Communication with These 4 Tips

Improve Your Communication with These 4 Tips

To sustain any type of relationship, there needs to be some open and clear communication. The worse communication is between two parties the more inefficiency there will be. Obviously, inefficiency can lead to disaster for any organization that depends on consistency so this month we thought we’d give you four ways to improve communication throughout your organization.

Improving Workplace Communication

Concentration Is Important

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your phone while someone is presenting at a business meeting? Of course you have, everyone has done this. Unfortunately, this happens way too often and it’s a symptom of a larger syndrome, which is one where people don’t find what other people are presenting interesting enough to give their undivided attention to it. This not only hurts business, it hurts people. Finding ways to sit and actually pay attention can pay off in big ways.  

Listen to What People Are Saying

In the same vein as concentrating on people is listening to what they have to say. Many meetings are structured as a presentation and then a Q & A. The only way to get feedback for anything is to actually listen to what people are saying. That can be as simple as listening to their complaints about a certain process or as complex as having a monthly suggestion box in the office. Listening can solve a lot of the problems employees have. 

Don’t Just Lead: Inspire

When you are in a position where you make decisions that affect a lot of other people, simply being there isn’t always an option. To get the most out of other people, you have to get them thinking about how valuable their contributions and their role is. This will enhance a person’s relationship with their work, their coworkers, and the company as a whole.

Make Sure It’s In Writing

Sometimes things happen in business where the lines get crossed and people make mistakes. This can be really frustrating if there have been countless meetings attempting to hash out the issue. One thing that works to keep this from being an issue is to have everything in writing before any work commences. This can be just giving people a copy of any line items you have jotted down or you can get someone to actually take notes in every meeting and share it with the attendees. You can even get tasks assigned ahead of time inside your management software. Whatever you do, make sure things are put in writing because business moves pretty fast and things get lost in the shuffle.

Solid communication can make the difference between a productive and efficient end to a project or a do-over that costs your business time and money. The IT experts at COMPANYNAME can help you get the technology to help. Give us a call today at PHONENUMBER to learn more.