An Upcoming Google Drive Link-Sharing Concern

It is certainly important that you update your software and hardware with the latest patches and updates, but it is also important to keep in mind that while these patches and updates resolve certain issues, these updates can also create problems of their own. An upcoming update to Google Workspace is the perfect example of […]

Things Should Know About the Massive Solarwinds Hack

2020 has been filled to the brim with adversity, and just as we’ve mercifully arrived to the end, the largest and most brazen cyberespionage attack ever has been carried out. Today, we’ll tell you what we know about the attack, what problems it caused, and what we should learn from it going forward.

Have You Applied the Recent Chrome Patches?

Being told by an IT provider how important it is for you to update your software is probably a bit like your grade school teacher telling you how important it is to do your homework. Of course they’re going to say it, it’s their job to do so. However, we’re telling you what the Department […]

Did You Know Your Router Can be Infected?

A new type of malware is targeting routers in what is considered a large enough threat that even the FBI is addressing it. Even worse, a router isn’t necessarily a device you’d think would be vulnerable to attack from a hacker. What can you do to keep your business’s internet access points secure from hacking […]

Your Router Can Host Some Pretty Nasty Malware

Hundreds of millions of people use wireless internet connections every day, and, as a result, hackers are taking that as a challenge. They’re now starting to develop malware that targets people through their routers. Recently, security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have discovered the malware named Slingshot. The code is designed to spy on PCs through […]

IRS to CPAs – Hackers are Targeting You

The IRS has issued a warning to tax professionals to step up their cyber security to prevent sensitive taxpayer information from being stolen. CPA firms, large and small, are being targeted by hackers and identity thieves, especially during the high traffic tax season. CPAs collect and store a treasure trove of sensitive information that is […]