How to Stump an Experienced Computer Technician

I was thinking about a funny tech support issue I ran into many years ago, and thought it would be fun to share it with everyone. All names have been changed to protect the innocent. If you’ve ever had to spend hours chasing down the root of a problem, only to find that it was […]

How Can You Improve Your Android Device’s Autocorrect?

Autocorrect is one of those things that you either love or hate, depending on how many times it has saved you from embarrassment or been a source of embarrassment. Without appropriate context, it can sometimes struggle to offer you appropriate suggestions. Thankfully, you can make autocorrect work a bit better for you, and if you […]

Manage Permissions in Google Productivity Apps

Depending on your business’ level of use for Google Apps, you may or may not have them set up to allow for integration with various other types of services. If you do, however, grant other programs permission to access and use your Google Drive, you should know how to manage these permissions. That’s what this […]

Zero-Trust Policies Can Keep Your Business Secure

The modern cyberthreat landscape is nothing to be trifled with, so it makes sense that as threats grow more powerful, so too do the solutions used to address them. Nowadays, there is a practice that is designed to address just how serious the threat of cybersecurity is: zero-trust IT. Let’s discuss these policies and how […]

Learn to Get Through Distractions to Be More Productive

Productivity can be a challenging thing to measure and maintain, especially in a world full of distractions. Sometimes the distractions come from the nature of the work itself and understanding this can become the key to overcoming them. Here are five tips you can use to overcome any workplace distractions and become more productive in […]

Tip of the Week: Zipping and Unzipping Files

Large files like videos aren’t exactly the ideal attachments for something like an email. There are also cases where you have to send multiple files, some of which may be large, attached to an email, but when the files are too large, this just won’t work. Thankfully, there are some ways around this, one of […]

How to Build the Perfect Server Room for Your Business

Your business relies on technology for access to an IT infrastructure. One such piece of technology you use on a daily basis, whether you realize it or not, is a server. A company that has a single server might be able to get away with less-than-stellar server management policies, but those that have multiple servers […]

Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication on Multiple Platforms

Many organizations are pushing for two-factor authentication, and it is easy to see why. The benefits are so great and the risks so devastating that there is no good reason to not implement two-factor authentication. Let’s discuss what two-factor authentication is, why it matters, and how you can set it up for your Microsoft, Google […]

How to Provide Fast, Secure Wi-Fi in Your Health Care Organization

Patients and hospital visitors have come to expect Wi-Fi internet access. It’s no longer seen as an extra convenience, but a requirement for the comfort and confidence of your patients. That said, it’s your responsibility to provide reliable Wi-Fi access that is reasonably fast, secure and easy to sign in to.

How to Spend Less Time Dealing with Email

Email is important, but it seems to steal so much of your valuable time, doesn’t it? Conquering your never-ending inbox can seem like a feat all in itself — let alone having it done before lunch. There’s an easier way, and when done properly, you’ll be able to spend less time sifting through your email […]